Police officer is told to ‘go back to Pakistan’

A POLICE officer was told to ‘go back to Pakistan’ during the arrest of a Stewartstown man in a disturbance at Christmas.

Police had gone to Paul Brian Plunkett McElhatton’s home at North Street to question him about his whereabouts earlier on December 24 last year.

It was around midnight and the defendant began swearing and told police they would have to get a search warrant if they wanted to search his house.

The 40-year-old said to one of the officers: “Go back to Pakistan you Paki.”

CS Spray was used and the defendant continued to swear and was kicking out.

At Dungannon Magistrates Court Judge Liam McNally asked the nationality of the constable which was unclear.

Following a discussion with McElhatton’s solicitor, the Judge said: “Bit like calling an Irish police officer a black b.st.rd.”

McElhatton’s solicitor said it would be a bit harsh to have the matter dealt with as a racial matter.

The solicitor explained that the defendant had been at his ex-partner’s home that evening and the police had wanted to speak to him about that.

McElhatton wanted to apologise for the remark and that alcohol had been a problem. He had tried to get help for the addition but had relapsed.

His partner remains his partner for the past nine years and that she is currently undergoing Chemotherapy. The solicitor said his client had been a lot of support to her.

Judge McNally said it was a very serious offence particularly the remark to the police officer.

“He is sailing close to the wind,” said Judge McNally.

McElhatton received a combination of a Probation Order for 12 months and Community Service for 60 hours for disorderly behaviour.