Police ombudsman examine new Teebane bomb evidence

Cllr Trevor Wilson from Cookstown.
Cllr Trevor Wilson from Cookstown.

The Police Ombudsman’s office has confirmed it is assessing new information on the murder of eight Protestant workmen at Teebane in Co Tyrone.

It has been reported that a businessman has come forward claiming he passed relevant information on to police, ahead of the 1992 atrocity, that wasn’t acted upon.

UUP MLA Ross Hussey said he would be “appalled” if the report was true. “If that is the case, somebody will have all their deaths on their conscience, and I would be appalled,” he said.

Mr Hussey added: “It was one of the worst acts of terrorism during the Troubles, and if somebody knew about it and was able to stop it, if there is evidence to suggest that is the case, I would hope the Ombudsman would find them and take action against them.”

Cookstown councillor Trevor Wilson knows many of the Teebane victims’ families well.

He said: “Nobody has been held accountable for Teebane and that is of great concern for the families.

“Any new information that is handed over should be investigated by the Ombudsman as these families need closure.”