Police ‘red cards’ for drink-fuelled trouble in Cookstown


Police are to issue ‘red cards’ for alcohol abuse in Cookstown, as part of a clampdown in the coming weeks.

In a bid to warn the public about the possible consequences of consuming too much alcohol, officers will be out and about in the town at night handing out an ‘Alcohol Harm Red Card’ informing the public of the possible consequences, including -

Becoming involved in violence either as an offender of a victim; To becoming the victim of theft; To being arrested and prosecuted; To have an accident or injure themselves

Inspector Hazel Reid explained: “We understand people like to go out and enjoy themselves, but it is important to bear in mind overindulging in alcohol can leave you vulnerable and more susceptible to harm.

“We want to keep the number of alcohol-related incidents to a minimum and remind revellers that each of us is responsible for our own actions, even when under the influence of alcohol. A criminal record for assault or a public order offence can put a dampener on future career prospects and could have even longer-term consequences, like affecting your eligibility to get a travel visa or gain entry to some overseas countries.

“We also want to make sure anyone planning on heading out puts as much thought into how they are getting home at the end of night as they do into how they are getting there and what they are wearing. It’s a good idea to have your lift home arranged or taxi pre-booked before you go out. It’s also important that friends look out for each other. Be responsible and stick together.”