Police to target ‘reckless boy racers’ in Toome


Magherafelt PSNI have promised robust action against ‘boy racers’ in Toome after further reports of reckless driving in the area.

Those involved in the nuisance on roads in and around the town will face prosecution, police say.

“We have had a number of reports of incidents of reckless driving by young motorists in recent weeks,” said Sgt Sam Young.

“As well as causing a nuisance to other road users and local residents, those involved are creating a danger for themselves.

“We understand the detrimental effect this behaviour has on others and have, in the past, carried out proactive operations in the area, resulting in prosecutions and cars being taken off the road.

“Our message to these boy racers is that bad driving standards will not be tolerated. If they are taken to court, their licences may be at risk and the loss of a licence could impact on their entire futures.

“We want these motorists also to realise the dangers they are causing to themselves and other roadusers. The last thing police want is to be knocking on doors of relatives following a fatal crash caused by someone showing off in a car.”