Police warn of burglaries which may be linked to Dungannon area

DETECTIVES are investigating two burglaries in Enniskillen and one in Omagh last week.

Police believe the three burglaries to be linked, and also believe them to be part of a wider series across a number of areas including Strabane, Dungannon and Newry.

Two houses in the Drumlin Heights area of Enniskillen and a house in the Sunningdale area of Omagh were targeted on Friday afternoon. In each case, houses are being targeted during daylight hours with cash and gold jewellery mainly the target for the burglars.

In the Enniskillen case, detectives were able to recover some property from one of the burglaries because they were quickly alerted to suspicious activity in the area by a householder who had spoken to an observant neighbour.

Police would strongly encourage the public to be aware of any unusual vehicles or persons in their neighbourhood especially during the day and to report anything suspicious immediately - even it seems insignificant. This information is often critical for the police.

Police are particularly keen that the public alert police to any unusual activity so this can be acted upon immediately. Any piece of information is important regardless of how insignificant you think it may be. If you see a car parked in your street, which wouldn’t normally be there, or if someone calls to your door and their reason for doing so seems suspicious, call the police who will act upon this information.

It is understood homes have been targetted during daylight hours and police would urge householders to adopt a few simple crime prevention measures.

Crime of any nature is distressing for the victims but there are steps that members of the public can take to reduce the chances of having their property stolen. It may seem like an obvious action but make sure all doors are locked and windows closed before leaving your home or retiring for the night. Don’t make it easy for any potential burglar to enter your home. Car keys and handbags should never be left close to doors, windows or kept in cars, especially at night, as they are an open invitation to anyone walking by. Jewellery has become a very attractive target for thieves. Avoid keeping large amounts of expensive jewellery in a jewellery box. Only use a jewellery box for less expensive or costume jewellery and keep other items in less obvious locations or locked away in a safe or other secure location. Make sure your outside alarm box is fitted high up on the wall of the house and out of reach. If disconnected, the alarm will only sound inside the property therefore neighbours or anyone passing by may not be alerted to what is happening inside. For further advice on protecting your home please contact your local Crime Prevention Officer on 0845 600 8000.