Police warn of computer scam

NEVER give remote control of your computer to strangers, that is the advice by police in Omagh following an incident in the town.

On Friday night, a local man reported he had been contacted by a foreign male who said the computer was infected.

The householder gave the caller remote access to his computer, and also paid £125, before becoming suspicious.

A police spokesman said: “This is a well-known scam and one that could have very serious repercussions for computer owners.

“Not only will the owners be charged for work that is not needed, there are great dangers in allowing a stranger to have remote access to your computer. That could give a fraudster the chance to pry into your personal and financial affairs, or even install dangerous software.

“If you get a call from a stranger about your computer, it is almost certainly some kind of scam and you should refuse to get involved.

“If you have worries about your computer being infected, then you should install software bought from a reputable local store or online dealer.”