Police warn of money scam

COOKSTOWN police are reminding local people to be wary of unsolicited approaches over PPI ‘refunds’ calls.

A spokesman said: “Banks are currently processing thousands of claims for unjustified Personal Protection Insurance that was charged by them to customers. Billions of pounds have been set aside for compensation.

“The banks will process any claims customers may have if they are contacted directly, but an entire industry offering claims assistance has sprung up. The activities of some of these companies have caused concern.

“One such concern arises when customers are called out of the blue and after a discussion agree that the company can act for them, but the company then asks for a deposit or payment upfront.

“Our advice is you should not agree to this, and particularly you should decline to get involved if you are asked to buy UKASH vouchers.

“A case of this kind arose in Cookstown recently and the man who was called was asked to quote the UKASH numbers over the phone. That is as good as giving someone money in their hand.

“Fortunately, the intended victim of what police believe was a scam, was wise to what was happening. He declined to get involved.”