Frazer: ‘I will run for Mid-Ulster MP seat

By Patricia Devlin

OUTSPOKEN victims campaigner Willie Frazer says he will run for Mid-Ulster MP to “set the truth on terrorists free”.

Mr Frazer, a founder of Families Acting For Innocent Victims (FAIR), said if elected to the Westminster seat he will name those involved in the Trouble’s worst atrocities using parliamentary privilege.

Officially confirming his intention to run as an independant candidate, the South Armagh campaigner said: “It had been discussed before and I laughed it off but I have decided that I am going to run for the seat.”

“I am going to run because the people are sick of what’s going on. And if by chance I was to be elected I will stand up in Westminster and name all the top Republicans involved in the worst atrocities of our time and expose the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein propaganda which continues to demonise the security forces, particularly the UDR.”

Mr Frazer, who has had five close family members murdered during the Troubles, added: “My father and uncle had no connection with any terrorist organisation. Last week I received a certificate from the Historical Enquiries Team to prove that. Two days before he was killed he was accused of being a loyalist paramilitary.

“This is the kind of the thing I will be fighting for; for any UDR men, or anyone in the security forces who have been accused of having paramilitary links, to be cleared and presented with these certificates.

“99.9 per cent of those in the security forces had no connections to any paramilitary organisation, and those 99.9 per cent deserve to be cleared. If it is proved that they did however, that is their own problem.”

“Even if I am not elected perhaps I can raise questions that other elected reprersentatives can take on and answer for the people.”

“Truth and sense of justice is the only things that will bring peace to Northern Ireland,” he said.

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness announced in June that he was stepping down after 15 years in-line with his party’s decision to end double jobbing. The Deputy First Minister also said he wanted to concentrate more on his Stormont work.