McCrea accuses McGuinness of failing Mid Ulster

MID ULSTER MP Martin McGuinness has been accused of failing his constituents after the area was not zoned in a possible Social Investment Fund.

DUP MLA accused the Deputy First Minister (pictured right) of failing one of the most deprived constituents in Northern Ireland.

Mr McCrea (pictured left) said the evidence for this was contained in the Social Investment Fund which identified eight possible investment zones none of which included Mid Ulster.

He said: “I am disappointed with the fact that the Mid Ulster constituency has been left out of the eight possible investment zones targeted by the £80 million Social Investment Fund and I lay the blame on the Deputy First Minister and absentee MP for failing to deliver for the people of Mid Ulster.

“The SIF document which is currently out to public consultation by OFM/DFM, refers to eight areas of social and economic need set to benefit from the fund and the failure by Martin McGuinness to include his own constituency is unsatisfactory as it excludes this area from accessing any of the £80 million.

“It is important that everyone including those in community groups and indeed the voluntary sector respond to this consultation expressing the need for Mid Ulster to be included in the final proposals to help us tackle the problems around poverty, unemployment, deprivation, educational underachievement etc that exist in many areas across Mid Ulster,” said Mr McCrea.

“The document is available to download from by the closing date of 23 December 2001,” the DUP MLA said.