Mid-Ulster DUP branch elects officers

MID ULSET DUP branch recently held its annual general meeting in Curran Orange Hall.

Outgoing chair of the branch Councillor Paul McLean thanked his fellow officers for their help and support and also thanked the members for their efforts on behalf of the DUP in Mid Ulster.

Mr McLean also welcomed South Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke to the meeting to carry out the election of officers and declared all offices vacant.

Trevor Clarke carried out the election of officers and the following people where elected to office:

Chair - Cllr Paul McLean; Vice Chair - Gareth Ferguson; Secretary - Ross Mitchell; Assistant Secretary - Lisa Brown;

Treasurer - Wesley Brown; Assistant Treasurer - Gary Harkness; Chaplain - Cllr Sam McCartney; Press Officer - Cllr Ian McCrea MLA.

Executive Delegates: Cllr Paul McLean; Ross Mitchell; Stephen Lennox; Gary Harkness; Philip Lees; Substitute Delegate: Faye Stewart.

Mr McLean, in taking the chair, thanked Trevor Clark MLA for coming as well as everyone for their support and looked forward to working with everyone throughout his term.

Mr Clarke spoke to the members on his role at Stormont along with an update on recent political issues.