Resurfacing work to be carried out after concerns over road and footpaths

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The Department of Infrastructure is to resurface the road and footpaths in the Brown Drive, Cooke Avenue, and Thompson Gardens of Maghera.

It follows representations by Mid Ulster DUP MLA Keith Buchanan and Councillor Kyle Black who welcome the recent investment commitment.

Councillor Black said local residents had raised concerns about the condition of the road and footpaths in the area and they had raised it with the department.

“This area has been in need of resurfacing for some time, therefore it is great to have received this commitment for local residents,” he said.

“These works will deliver a significance practical benefit and also help to improve the appearance of the area. We welcome the investment from the Department of Infrastructure and look forward to seeing the works completed.”

He said the department have confirmed that the road and all footpaths in this area will be resurfaced as part of their allocation for the next financial year (2020-2021), subject to budget finalisation in the coming months.