Sinn Fein accused of seeing everything ‘through a green mist’

MAGHERAFELT Sinn Fein councillors are ‘out of step’ with Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness, a DUP councillor has claimed.

Paul McLean accused the majority party on the council of “seeing everything through a green mist.”

Councillor McLean said the Deputy First Minister’s speech last week he stated that ‘Republicanism needs to become more intuitive about unionist apprehensions and objections, and sensitised in our response. We need to be open to using new language and consider making new compromises.’

“This is the opposite from what we have been experiencing and hearing from Batson, McPeake, Milne and Kerr within our council,” he claimed.

“As I have stated previously, republican councillors see everything through a green mist and are only interested in their way or none and a progress of Brits out.

“It can only be one of two issues either McGuinness is speaking with ‘forked tongue’ or Magherafelt Sinn Fein councillors are out of step and not following their leadership or party lines.”

Continuing, Councilllor McLean rejected TUV leader Jim Allister’s recent claim that the flag and Twelfth arch issues in Magherafelt town centre were not being addressed.

He said that it was good to see that the TUV had come back out of hibernation after their electoral defeat by the DUP at the last election.

“The DUP have been involved in consultations regarding these matters over a long period of time,” he said.

“If the TUV had been paying attention they would know this, but it’s good to see that they have now finally woken up after a very long sleep.”