‘Poor broadband damaging business in Mid-Ulster

POOR broadband service in Mid-Ulster is damaging local businesses, SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone has said.

He has urged the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development to act immediately to improve services around the Loughshore and South Derry.

As well as businesses, households are suffering, according to Mr McGlone who says there are still some places within the constituency that has nno broadband coverage.

“The Minister needs to improve broadband accessibility in areas including the Loughshore area of east Tyrone and down into south Derry,” the MLA said.

“The poor service is inhibiting companies from doing business effectively.”

“At a time when our economy is facing a number of challenges the last thing companies need is poor connectivity which prevents them from doing business.

“I am also deeply concerned that A-level students are having difficulties accessing material via broadband. This is a crucial time for students and slow or no broadband connection places them at a significant disadvantage to other students.

“The Minister has informed me that she has put forward £5million to target rural broadband provision. This money must be allocated fairly and target those rural communities who are in need of broadband access. I will continue to monitor progress as this investment is rolled out.

He concluded: “I hope to see improved connectivity in constituencies like my own who have a number of outstanding businesses as well as young people trying to further their careers.”