Posters denouncing Halloween are ‘big talking point’ in Maghera

Halloween poster in the window of the Christian Drop-in Centre, Maghera
Halloween poster in the window of the Christian Drop-in Centre, Maghera

A Christian counselling group is displaying posters denouncing Halloween as the most evil time of the year.

The window size posters went up at the Christian Drop-In Centre at Lower Main Street in Maghera a week ago.

The Drop-In is run by William and Freda Kerr who hit the headlines four years ago when they claimed they could ‘cure’ homosexuals by praying with them over the phone.

Freda said the Hallowe’en posters were “a big talking point” in the area.

“They have attracted a lot of interest but no adverse comments,” she said.

She and her husband opened the Drop-In six months ago and plan to use its prominent location and large windows to display posters supporting their Christian beliefs and values on different topics.

Freda said their aim is to reach out and warn people not to condemn them.

In their poster they claim the devil uses Halloween for his own evil purposes - to hook countless people on practices such as Ouija boards, seances, fortune telling and the dark web.

‘Drink, drugs, violent computer games, satanic music, horror movies/DVDs/books such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc are all part of the process, drawing millions deeper and deeper into the gross darkness and depravity of The Occult. Please be warned - take heed,’ states the poster.

Freda and William have been running the Mid Ulster Christian Helpline for the past 25 years, providing a confidential non denominational helpline “to listen, encourage and prayerfully support those who are experiencing problems and difficulties.”