Praise for staff who face redundancy

OVER 30 members of staff who face losing their jobs at Westlands Residential Home have been unanimously praised at a meeting held to fight proposals to close the home.

A total of 32 workers - made up of carers, cooks, domestic help, administration and management staff - face redundancy if Northern Trust proposals to close the home by November are given the go-ahead.

The MAIL understands staff were warned by Northern Health and Social Care chiefs not to take part in a meeting organised by relatives of residents who want to save the home.

But in tribute to the staff many present at the meeting spoke to voice their support, and thanks, to those who have helped cared for their elderly relatives.

Sheena Costello, who organised the meeting, said: “They are selfless people.

“When the news broke on Tuesday it wasn’t, ‘what am I going to do I might not have a job’, their first priority was the residents.”

Georgina Alexander, whose mother suffers from Alzheimers and has been a resident at Westlands for six years, said: “The staff are absolutely wonderful, they can’t be beaten at all.

“Not a birthday is forgotten about, personal needs, safety - all is taken into account.”