Proposed McDonald’s drive-thru in Magherafelt turned down

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PLANNERS have turned down plans for a new drive thru restaurant believed to be for McDonalds beside the KFC at Castledawson roundabout.

Magherafelt District Council heard that there were two letters of objection received to the proposal on the Magherafelt Road.

Planners rejected the drive thru for the following reasons: contrary to Magherafelt Area Plan in that the site is identified with potential for a park and ride share transportation scheme.

The Planning Office also said the plan for the McDonald’s drive-thru was contrary to sustainable development in the countryside in that the site does not represent an infill opportunity as it is not located within a substantial and continuously built up frontage, and would result in a suburban style build up of development when viewed with existing and approved buildings and would therefore further erode the rural character.

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