PSNI considered using tear gas against disorderly Ballyronan man

CS Spray which is also known as tear gas
CS Spray which is also known as tear gas

A Ballyronan man who has admitted to a charge of disorderly behaviour after police were almost forced to use CS Spray against him, will discover his sentence in April.

District Judge John Meehan ordered said a pre-sentence report would be required after 19-year-old Kevin O’Hagan, from Ashleigh Park, pleaded guilty to an incident on New Year’s Day this year.

The court heard how police were on duty on Molesworth Street in Cookstown when they happened upon two groups of males who were in the middle of a fracas.

The officers separated the two groups but the defendant continued to act in an aggressive manner including clenching his fists.

He was warned to calm down by the constables but his behaviour continued to be belligerent towards the opposing group of males.

When he made a sudden move towards the other group a constable drew his CS spray but it was not deployed as Mr O’Hagan’s friends “stopped him and calmed him down”.

He also refused to provide his details but later identified himself on the way to the police station.

Judge Meehan noted that the defendant had two previous incidents in 2014 of the same type.

Mr O’Hagan’s solicitor argued that both were of a lesser seriousness and happened on the same evening.

“He hasn’t learned his lesson,” Judge Meehan replied as he adjourned the case until April 8 for sentencing to take place.