PSNI crack-down on road safety in Cookstown

Driving and talking
Driving and talking

A police crackdown on road safety, has seen 49 motorists issued with fixed penalties in a single day in the F-District region which covers Cookstown and Dungannon.

The proactive road safety operation, which was launched by police in last Thursday [November 6], also resulted in a number of arrests.

The PSNI said motorists were continuing to ignore warnings to stop speeding, pay greater attention to the road and their surroundings and to leave their mobile phone alone, whether driving, cycling or even crossing the road.

Inspector Swann said: “During the operation in F District, 49 motorists were detected for various motoring offences, including driving at excess speed, no insurance and driving carelessly.

“Police issued 10 fixed penalty notices for speeding and careless driving, four vehicles were found to have defects and 11 motorists were given advice and warnings about driving behaviour.

“It is clear some motorists continue to ignore our warnings, putting themselves and others at risk.

“Considering the wet and slippery road conditions that we all witnessed that day, I am disappointed that some drivers decided not to heed the speed limits and didn’t take appropriate cognisance of the conditions in which they driving. Drivers need to be more responsible behind the wheel.

“Watch your speed, do not talk on a mobile phone, do not drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

“The PSNI want to keep people safe and we will continue to take a firm line against those who flout the laws of the roads.”