PSNI release statement called ‘Seatbelt Safety’, warning the Mid-Ulster community of the dangers of not wearing seatbelts whilst driving.

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Police have issued the following statement warning the community of Mid-Ulster of the dangers of not wearing their seatbelts.

While the vast majority of people wear seatbelts we realise that there may be lapses at certain times, particularly among young people, who unbuckle for a short while to turn and chat or show photographs on mobile phones to their friends.

One trip can kill.

Inspector Swan said: “These days, almost all of us regard ourselves as seatbelt wearers and I commend the vast majority of people who do so.

“There is a but though. Inevitably, there are lapses, particularly among young people; with all too often, passengers ‘forgetting’ to put their belt on, or removing it briefly to stay involved in the conversation or activity going on in the car.

“These lapses tend to occur when travelling socially with family or friends, on short journeys, and many at night.

We would like to remind everyone of that there are consequences for not wearing a seatbelt, especially in the back where the wearing rate is lower.

“The message is clear, without a seatbelt, you become a lethal missile inside a vehicle; with the real danger that you could seriously injure or kill someone close to you.

“So I very much encourage people to buckle up. I encourage drivers to ensure that children are properly strapped in. We all want to see zero deaths on our roads. The simplest thing that we can do to achieve that is to wear a seatbelt, on every journey.”