PSNI tackle major issue of road safety in Dungannon

PSNI conducted a traffic operation on  Ballynakelly Road, Coalisland
PSNI conducted a traffic operation on Ballynakelly Road, Coalisland

PSNI officers carried out a proactive road safety operation in the Dungannon area on Tuesday (March 4th), as part of continuing efforts to address the issue of road safety.

The aim of the operation was to highlighted to motorists the need to reduce their speed, not to drive while under the influence of drink or drugs, the importance of wearing a seatbelt and to drive with due care and attention.

Dungannon Councillor Kim Ashton and her husband Robert.INMM4813-322SR

Dungannon Councillor Kim Ashton and her husband Robert.INMM4813-322SR

Police spoke to motorists on the Ballynakelly Road, Coalisland, and Dungannon Road, Moy, and handed out leaflets.

Recently, Dungannon DUP Councillor Kim Ashton expressed her concerns about the Ballynakelly Road and the concerns residents living on that road had raised with her.

Cllr Ashton said: “Residents have concerns about the speed traffic is travelling on the A45 and the increasing amount of vehicles leaving the road on the approach to corners. I have spoken with Road Service to request safety measures be implemented on this road.

“The A45 is one of the busiest stretches of roads in the Borough and I would call upon Roads Service to implement safety barriers and signage on the A45 to help reduce the amount of accidents on the road. I have also requested that a warning “junction ahead” sign be erected on the approach to Ballynakelly village. “I would appeal to all road users to take extra care on the roads especially the busy A45.”

Welcoming the initiative by the PSNI last week, Cllr Ashton said: “I welcome the actions by the PSNI this week to pro actively promote road safety within the Borough. It is vital for us all to take extra care on the roads to prevent accidents happening and to reduce the amount of deaths on the roads.”

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Jane Humphries explains: “Our message to drivers and riders is very simple. If you speed, take drink or drugs and drive, fail to wear your seatbelt, drive carelessly or dangerously, you run the real risk of killing or seriously injuring yourself, your passengers or some other innocent road user.

She continued: “Our aim is to save lives and reduce injuries. While we welcome the fact that the vast majority of right thinking people realise that drink driving, speeding and inconsiderate driving is unacceptable, clearly there is still an irresponsible minority who ignore all advice and warnings. We want to get the message out to drivers that they need to take more care on the roads if everyone is to reach their destination, and return home safely. No one is indestructible. Everyone is vulnerable whether they are travelling in a car, on a motorcycle or on foot. One death is one too many and road safety remains, and will continue to remain, a priority for local police.”