PSNI to send letters to ‘young offenders’

POLICE in Magherafelt have identified a dozen people who have been repeatedly involved in violent crime and public order incidents related to the night-time economy.

As part of the overall policing operation to tackle the number of assaults and associated incidents officers are focusing on twelve individuals, the majority of whom are aged between 15 and 21 years old.

Chief Inspector Sam Donaldson explains: “Unfortunately it appears that a small number of people are causing significant issues in our town centre therefore we are taking putting in place a number of measures to reduce repeat offending.

“A letter will be sent to each individual letting them know they have come to the attention of police and warning them that they will be arrested should they engage in criminal and anti-social behaviour in future.

“If arrested, steps will be taken to prevent them reoffending including the use of strict bail conditions which can restrict their ability to be in the town centre at night and prevent the consumption of alcohol.

“This is just one way we can reduce the number of assaults taking place and make our town centre safer for law-abiding members of the community however if people took more responsibility for the amount of alcohol they drink and their behaviour when out at night we would be able to focus our resources in other areas.”