PSNI warning of fake cash in Mid Ulster

Fake money
Fake money

G District Crime Prevention Officers are urging the public and business owners to be vigilant following reports of fake notes being passed in shops in recent weeks.

Mandy Monteith explains: “Business owners should take all necessary steps to ensure staff members know how to spot a counterfeit note. There are a number of ways of telling if a currency note is genuine:

Be wary of notes that look or feel different and or that are faded.

Check the quality of printing - the colours should be clear and the print on the banknote should be distinct and well defined with sharp fine lines, not blurred or soft edges.

The banknote should be crisp and slightly rough in the heavily printed areas. It should not be limp, waxy or shiny.

You should also always check for the watermark, which should not be apparent until the note is held up to the light.

Genuine notes have a thread embedded in the paper and an individual serial number.

“Those who handle cash transactions should not rely solely upon special equipment or one single feature to identify a genuine banknote but should check all the features. If in doubt, compare a suspect note to one that is known to be genuine as this can often help to determine the authenticity of a note. A counterfeit bank note should not be returned to the person passing it.