PSNI warning over ‘potentially criminal’ social media messages in Co Derry

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Police say they have become aware of some messages that have been posted on other social media sites in Limavady.

The PSNI said some of these may be potentially criminal.

“Social media can be informative, educational and entertaining; however those who use it are not above the law.

“Most posts do not create any harm; others may be upsetting or distasteful or express an unpopular view, but are not necessarily criminal.

“Some may be grossly offensive and therefore could well meet the threshold for prosecution.

“A number of categories of post may face prosecution. These include: credible threats to a person’s life or safety or property; communications targeting specific individuals, including persistent harassment and ongoing abuse; breach of court orders, for example identifying people protected by law; and communications which are grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false.

“If we consider a message or post to be potentially criminal, we will take appropriate action.

“This could involve arrest and bringing a prosecution, especially in those cases involving a sustained campaign of harassment or abuse, or where someone’s life is threatened.”