Public service union condemns Greenvale ‘privatisation’

NIPSA, the largest public service union representing Council employees has condemned Magherafelt Council for privatising its Greenvale Leisure Centre services.

Two years ago when Magherafelt Council made approximately 30 leisure staff redundant NIPSA warned that this was the start of the privatisation process, NIPSA’s warning has been proved correct.

NIPSA Assistant General Secretary Bumper Graham said: “This is an abuse of public money, staff were made redundant at a great personal cost to them and also a considerable cost to the public purse in order to pave the way for Magherafelt Council to center into a questionable deal with the private sector.

“The public purse paid for the redundancies, paid for the refurbishment and the totally refurbished centre has now been handed over to the private sector to make profit.”

Responding to Councillor Milne’s claims of creating 50 jobs Bumper Graham said: “This is not true given that the Council cut approximately 30 jobs when it closed Greenvale for the refurbishment.

“This is just another example of how this contract just doesn’t add up. NIPSA will be asking the Local Government Auditor to fully examine the cost of redundancies, refurbishment costs and the privatisation contract.”