Pulse challenge Magherafelt Council over union backing

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PULSE, the private operators contracted to run Magherafelt’s Greenvale leisure facility, today challenged a decision by the local District Council calling on them to recognise trade unions.

Sinn Fein voted through a notice of motion by party colleague Councillor Peter Bateson calling on Pulse to engage with trade unions.

The three Unionist councillors voted against and the two SDLP members abstained.

In a statement to the MAIL Pulse said: “As a private organisation Rock Merchanting Trading as Pulse Fitness (Pulse) does not recognise Trade Unions and the contract between Magherafelt District Council and Pulse has no provision within which would enforce any motion which is determined after the date of contract signature.

“This is a matter for Pulse and their directly employed staff, not Magherafelt District Council and Pulse about the Leisure Service Management and Services Agreement.

“Pulse would like to draw Magherafelt District Council to two points regarding the actual notice of motion: 1) This notice is deemed very discriminatory towards Pulse as the motion does not imply the same grounds on ALL the council’s sub-contractors who have legal contracts and have tendered for services for the council within ALL departments. Pulse believes this notice is implied to them only and to one department of the council only namely Leisure.

“2) The notice is clearly written towards one Trade Union namely NISPA, which

again is discriminating against the other trade unions which should also be

given the same rights to the notice.

“The Trade Unions may follow the necessary Statutory Recognition by requesting

Pulse recognise them by following an application for compulsory Union recognition before an industrial court. Pulse would also like to draw to the Trade Unions and Magherafelt District Council attention that they have never been approached by any employee seeking request for them to be in any Trade Union.”