Pupils join Global Learning

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Schools in Mid-Ulster can bring the world into their classrooms this term by joining the Global Learning Programme (GLP). 

For the last two years, the GLP has been helping schools across Northern Ireland embed education for a fair and sustainable world through the provision of teacher training, guidance and resources. Schools are supported to teach key global learning concepts such as equality, sustainable development and social justice and fairness.

The next round of GLP training for schools is taking place this spring at a choice of locations, including a session in Bellaghy on Wednesday, March 29 at Seamus Heaney HomePlace from 9.30am-3pm. Participating schools send one teacher to the training, who is shown how global learning can be embedded into existing classroom topics. This teacher then attends an ‘top-up’ twilight two to three months later. Sub-cover of up to £140 is provided for the training day.

More than 30% of all NI schools are already participating in the GLP, including many from the Mid-Ulster area. One of these is St Brigid’s Primary School, Mayogall, which joined the GLP in May 2015.

The school is one of the first in Northern Ireland to receive a Level 2 Global Learning Certificate in recognition of its fantastic progress on global learning. It is a very engaged participant in the GLP and has developed an action plan on global learning, which ensures each year group covers global themes in the classroom.

Global learning has been incorporated into the school’s shared education partnership with Knockloughrim Primary School. Recently, St Brigid’s has established international links with schools in the USA through a project run by the JDO Foundation. This has been particularly eye opening for pupils , giving them a chance to talk to children hundreds of miles away about what their lives are like and how they feel about important world issues and even global politics.

Principal Mary O’Kane is very pleased with the school’s progress on the GLP. She said, “Participating in the GLP has been a positive experience for the school and has left pupils with a fuller understanding of the world in which they are growing up. We’ve achieved a lot in the last two years and looking forward to continuing with our global learning work in future.”

To find out more about the GLP or to register your school for the spring training days, please visit www.globallearningni.com. Spaces remain at all venues at present, but they are filling fast.

Contact the GLP team on glp@centreforglobaleducation.com or 028 9024 1879 if you have any questions about the programme.

The GLP is managed by the Centre for Global Education in Northern Ireland and funded by the UK government.