Push on for improved broadband speed


Home owners and businesses should check their postcode with the Department of the Economy to ensure they are on the list to see improvement to broadband services in their area.

The Department of Economy have identified premises that are currently unable to access 30 megabits per seconds (Mbps) and want to ensure they have included all postcode areas.

DUP MLA for Mid Ulster, Keith Buchanan said, “I would encourage everyone who believe they have 30 Mbps and below to check their postcode.

“ Difficulties with accessing broadband services is an issue that I hear about in my office especially from businesses and home owners, who rely on internet services to do their work and day to day business.

“We live in such a technological age which relies heavily on broadband services. Difficulties remain in rural areas and the more information the Department has, the better enhanced the strategy will be in rolling out broadband improvement.

“It is a necessary step in preparing the ground work for massive investment to happen here.

“This project is going ahead down to funding secured via the DUP’s Confidence and Supply Agreement. It resulted in £150 million for broadband and to tackle the problems of poor service particularly in rural areas.

“It was important for our party that we secured this money knowing the problems that exist in rural areas such as Mid Ulster. I am delighted to see Project Stratum, which is pushing for better broadband across Northern Ireland, coming to fruition.

“It is important that funding is directed appropriately and this is why the Department of Economy is asking people to check their postcode is on the list. It is a very simple process and will take a matter of a minute.”

People can check their postcode by visiting their local council office to view a hard copy or via www.nidirect.gov.uk/broadband-improvement.