Put the squeak back in life with YFC

Members of Cookstown Young Farmers Club
Members of Cookstown Young Farmers Club

MEMBERS of Cookstown Young Farmers Club (CYFC) are eagerly preparing for the epic return of their historic Mouse Race.

In yesteryear the Cookstown Young Farmers’ Club Mouse Race was the bread and butter of farmer entertainment, serving to put the squeak into life and delight crowds from far and wide. The event has lain dormant for quite some time but is now set to burst through the gloom of the daily grind with all the hope and promise of spring.

On Friday March 30 at 8.30pm CYFC club members will throw wide the doors of Cookstown Hockey Club and play host to a night of fun, frolics and the dashing entertainments so readily associated with racing rodents. Prepare your senses for a rollercoaster of excitement and drama for there will be pacing, there will racing, there’ll be winning and of course loosing but one thing is for certain - all bases will be covered and you’re guaranteed entertainment that even Simon Cowell would approve of.

For your chance to win some great prizes, bask in the delight of a little farmer banter and catch some live entertainment get on down to the Cookstown Hockey Club on Friday 30th March. Everyone is welcome. With entry charged at the tiny sum of £5 you would be squeaking mad to miss it!

For more information please contact Club Secretary on 0771630513 or find us on Facebook