‘Real friends don’t ‘neknominate.’

'Real friends don't 'neknominate' says the Public Health Agency.
'Real friends don't 'neknominate' says the Public Health Agency.

THE Public Health Agency has said that ‘real friends don’t neknominate.’

The warning was issued after the death of two young people thought to be a result of the social media drinking game in which participants drink copious amounts of alcohol, then nominate friends to do the same.

People from Cookstown have been participating in this craze and uploading the videos onto Facebook.

Project Officer with TIPSA in Cookstown, Eugene O’Goan said it’s a variation on the old fashioned peer pressure where someone gets a nomination from someone and they then feel under pressure to replicate it or meet the challenge.

“It’s an irresponsible thing to be promoting,” he told the MAIL. “One of the most worrying things I’ve seen is adults who have been challenging young people.

“The bottom line is alcohol is a very, very powerful drug and people need to be really, really respectful of it. If people are necking pints of any sorts of spirit they are in real danger of doing serious harm to themselves and I would strongly dissuade them from taking part in this craze,” he said.

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