Records fall in unseasonably warm November


Mid Ulster is continues to enjoy unseasonably warm weather with temperature records across the country tumbling overnight.

A temperature of 16.1C was recorded at Murlough, County Down, Northern Ireland, making it the warmest November night since records began.

Thermometers in Waddington, Lincolnshire, peaked at 14.8C, breaking the previous record of 14.4C, which had stood since 1969.

And in Leconfield, Humberside, an 11-year record was broken with a temperature of 15.1C.

These highs mean the UK enjoyed a warmer night than many cities on the continent, such as Madrid, Milan and Athens.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Last night was the warmest November night on record and quite a few records were broken.

“We have had very mild south-westerly air flowing over the UK which is drawn up from over the tropics.

“On the other side of the Atlantic the jet stream is turning southwards and so what goes down most come up as warm air is being pushed north.

“We have had a few weeks now where we have enjoyed winds coming from that direction.”

The conditions are expected to change though after Storm Abigail, the first storm to be named by the Met Office, hits northern Scotland later this week with winds expected to be up to 80mph.

This will usher in a drop in temperatures, including the possibility of some snow in high places in Northern England and Scotland, but even then the temperatures are expected to be around the average for November.