Release of balloons in Draperstown to remember suicide victims and families

Release of balloons in Draperstown
Release of balloons in Draperstown

Victims of suicide and their relatives will be remembered at a special release of balloons in Draperstown on Friday evening, May 28.

Organised by the STEPS mental health group, the event is an opportunity for the whole community to come out and show support to all those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

It is also to show support for all those living with ill mental health or caring for someone with ill mental health.

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A spokesperson for STEPS said: “It is a chance to promote the message ‘Its Ok not to be Ok and ABSOLUTELY OK TO ASK FOR HELP’.

“As one in four of us will be affected by ill mental health in our lifetime, more communities need to come together to offer support, to raise awareness and reduce the stigma.

“In the three years since STEPS was established we have seen the huge difference a community can make when it stands shoulder to shoulder together.

“We are inviting you to join us on Friday 29th May in the Diamond Draperstown from 8pm. PLEASE join us in our campaign for change.”