Release your inner Tarzan or Jane at The Jungle NI


HAVE you ever wanted to swing from the treetops, or roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball?

If so, then the Jungle NI, situated just outside Moneymore on the Desertmartin Road is the place to be if you.

I had the opportunity to try out some of the amazing activities they have to offer and I have to say I was not disappointed.

I would never describe myself as someone who loved the outdoors or even as someone who as a head for heights but I really embraced the activities at The Jungle.

The first activity I tried was Zorbing, which basically means you are strapped inside a huge inflatable ball and rolled at speed down a hill.

Definitely not suitable if you have just eaten, thankfully I had a relatively empty stomach and have to say it was great fun.

Next up was the Tree Top Adventure Course where you quite literally swing from tree top to tree top overcoming various obstacles while harnessed from above.

This was the one I was quite apprehensive about. I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights but when you get up amongst the trees it’s hard not to look down and realise your quite a bit off the ground.

The staff at The Jungle could not have been more helpful though I have to say. They calmly took me through the safety briefing showing our group how to attach yourself into the overhead cables and lock yourself in so you would be safe at all times.

After overcoming the first initial fears of being so high up and balancing myself on the ropes and ledges etc I really settled into the course and begun to really enjoy myself.

The King Louis Descent is the final part of the Tree Top Adventure Course and having heard about it before going I was convinced I could not do it.

It is basically a Powerfan drop where you can experience an adrenaline freefall drop in safety and without needing to deploy a parachute.

I was very nervous about this part, as I approached the ledge to jump out I almost backed out, but with a little encouragement and a gentle nudge I did it!

So if you feel that it’s time to release your adventurous side then the timing could not be more right.

A new campaign is underway all over NI to try and get more people involved in outdoor activities. The event is called Northern Ireland Adventureland Weekend and events that take place over the weekend of 23-24th March.

Over this unique weekend, twenty three activity providers from all over Northern Ireland will offer events at either £10pp or 50% off in order to celebrate the rich variety of outdoor activities available. On offer in the Sperrins, families will be able to choose from a multi adventure of archery, zip lining and rally driving in Ballygawley, test their skills on a high ropes course or enjoy a relaxing canoe trip on Gortin Lakes.

The Northern Ireland Adventureland campaign has been launched by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) in association with

Visit to see a full list of activities on offer during this action packed weekend and book online today to experience the Sperrins from a completely different perspective.