Republican graffiti daubed on wall

CONCERN has been expressed in Maghera following the appearance of pro-republican graffiti in the town.

The slogan ‘End British Internment’ was daubed on a wall opposite a primary school at O’Hara Road to the dismay of people living in the area.

Sperrin Cultural Awareness Association was contacted by concerned residents who voiced their disgust at the graffiti appearing in the vicinity of a Protestant primary school.

A spokesperson for Sperrin Cultural Awareness Association said he condemned this form of anti social behaviour and appealed for local representatives to use their influence to help put an end to these activities which could put a damper on good community relations.

“The people who wrote this graffiti are trying to incite sectarian hatred and intimidation against the Protestant community living in this part of Maghera,” he said.

“People in Maghera are carrying out great cross-community work and we do not want to see this sort of thing happening,” he told the MAIL.

The association’s spokesperson said this is the first sectarian incident in recent times to come to their attention and that relations in Maghera have been good over the last few years.

“We at SCAA believe people should be able to live and go to places of education without fear and intimidation,” he said.

And he encouraged anyone with any information about the incident to go to the PSNI.