Residents 'sick and tired of morons' using roadside as dumping ground - Quinn

Old mattress illegally dumped at Lisnatrane Road, Coalisland
Old mattress illegally dumped at Lisnatrane Road, Coalisland

An SDLP councillor has condemned "morons" who fly-tip along a Co Tyrone roadside when there is an official dump just a few miles away.

Councillor Malachy Quinn claimed the Lisnatrane Road, Coalisland, has become a hotspot for illegal dumping.

Road sign spray painted

Road sign spray painted

He also condemned vandals for spray painting road signs in the area.

“Once again we have seen illegal dumping on the Lisnastrane Road as well as the road signs here being covered by spray-paint," he said.

" I have been contacted by several residents along this road who are sick and tired of morons using it as a dumping ground.

"There is a dump less than two miles away yet these people think its acceptable to dump rubbish here.

"They would want it done in their own area so why do they think it’s acceptable to come to down to Lisnastrane and do it here."

Councuillor Quinn said they need to wise up and stop expecting others to pick up after them.

"I have reported this site to the council and have requested they monitor this area closely for fly-tipping.

"While the council will do what they can it is up to people to report this type of action when they see it. The more fines we can hand out the quicker this problem will stop.

“I have also reported the vandalism to road signs which has been sprayed by black paint. Sadly we have people who clearly have little time on their hands but to waste rate-payers money."