Resounding thumbs up for new Mail website

The new look Mid-Ulster Mail Website.INMM3813-395SR
The new look Mid-Ulster Mail Website.INMM3813-395SR

The new Mid Ulster Mail website has received a positive response from our growing number of online readers, as well as our elected representatives.

Mid Ulster has a vibrant community and that is what we are determined to reflect on our website, covering all the events, small and large, as well as the major breaking new stories and latest sport updates.

Mid Ulster MLA Sandra Overend said: “It is clearer and more accessible than before, and will give the people of Mid-Ulster a great chance to read local news while online. “

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy said: “It’s modern and it’s certainly a different image completely and I think it’s a sign of the times and the way media is going and trying to modernize and to bring the news more quickly to the public, hopefully it doesn’t do away with the newspaper, because I still like the newspaper.

“I definitely think it’s good and it’s a good image particularly along the lines of local villages that people can actually engage with the Mail.”

The SDLP’s Patsy McGlone added his congratulations complementing the layout and design.

Ian McCrea was also impressed: “I like to see a good user friendly website, that gets the right information’s important that it focuses on the mid Ulster area.”

Our journalists have taken their reporting to a new level, with video interviews and snapshots of daily life in the this part of the world, while our photographers Adrian and Simon Robinson are now publishing hundreds of their images in slideshow format on the website.

All the local politicians have already given their backing to the new site.