Road Service promise for Loughshore area welcomed by Sinn Fein Councillor

Sinn Fein candidate for the new Cookstown DEA Gavin Bell
Sinn Fein candidate for the new Cookstown DEA Gavin Bell

Sinn Fein Councillor for Mid-Ulster, Gavin Bell has welcomed Roads Service assurances that the ‘Loughshore Basin’ needs attention.

Mr Bell said: “Following a very constructive meeting with Roads Service Divisional Engineer, Noel McMullan, I’d like to welcome and show my appreciation, for the willingness and realisation shown by Roads Service that there is an ongoing need for the ‘Loughshore Basin’ to receive further work on its current state.

“I very much welcome Noel McMullan’s promise and commitment to address, what we both agreed on, the need for investment to our infrastructure. We realise the difficulties faced by the Divisional Engineer’s Cookstown Dept, in being ring fenced an allotted budget in January of each financial year, to have spent by the end of March.

“In light of this, I will be lobbying as part of Team Sinn Féin within The Assembly to ask for clarity on this particular measure by Minister Danny Kennedy’s Dept, given those 3 months are the most difficult working conditions for respective road workers.”

Mr McMullan said, “We have a difficult job in hand to address the many years of underspend in this area, through no fault of local structure, but due to large slices of our allocated roads budget going to towns such as Ballymena and the Port of Larne and their surrounding areas. To be fair, we could be doing with much more funding and given out in a more timely manner.”