Road signs disappear in Mid Ulster with overgrown verges

Ian McCrea and Anne Forde
Ian McCrea and Anne Forde

DUP Mid Ulster MLA, Ian McCrea has raised with Transport NI the issue of grass verge cutting and the need for road signs to be kept clear.

“We are all well aware in recent months that UUP Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy has reduced Transport NI to barely a skeleton service which has been quite evident especially now in the warmer weather with grass road verges reduced to one cut a season without any strimming that leaves road signs overgrown,” said Mr McCrea.

“I want to make it very clear that my concern in no way reflects on the staff that man our local offices or the contractors who carry out the work, who can only work within their allocated budget from a Minister whose approach has crippled services on the ground.

“I have been working with the staff in local offices, to raise any Stop, Give Way or other road signs that have become overgrown and I would also encourage land owners to keep an eye on their own hedges and ensure they are kept well cut back to keep all road signs clear from obstruction.

“This approach by UUP Minister Danny Kennedy is unacceptable and should be reconsidered immediately.”