Ronan McGinley will continue to lead Sinn Fein councillors in Mid Ulster

Cllr Ronan McGinley
Cllr Ronan McGinley

Ronan McGinley will continue to lead the Sinn Fein members of Mid Ulster council, and says he expects his party colleagues to chair most of the committees in the coming year.

Speaking ahead of the council’s AGM in June, Cllr. McGinley confirmed his party will vacate the top position.

Linda Dillon who held the position of Chairperson was replaced by Cathal Mallaghan, after she was elected to Assembly.

“The leadership from Cathal Mallaghan and Linda Dillon throughout the first two years has ensured Mid Ulster has moved positively forward. I have every confidence this will continue in the next term if the new chair replicates their fair and transparent approach,” he said.

“We have had discussions within the Party, with such a strong council team we will have no problem in identifying capable and competent people. The only confirmation I can give at this point is that I have been selected to continue on as Group Leader, a position I am extremely proud to hold. I will continue to fulfil it to the best of my ability. Sinn Féin will continue to deliver for Mid Ulster”.