RTE stylist Clementine has a true passion for fashion!

Clementine has fun with dancers on the RTE show, The Voice of Ireland. INTT1813-051X
Clementine has fun with dancers on the RTE show, The Voice of Ireland. INTT1813-051X


CLEMENTINE McNeice is a girl with a true passion for fashion, someone who takes great pride and care in scouring the rails of the most exclusive clothing stores in Ireland for the perfect outfits and accessories - and, best of all, she gets paid to do it!

The former St Patrick’s Academy Dungannon pupil has the envious job of Chief Stylist on the RTE talent show, The Voice of Ireland, working alongside celebrity judges Kian Egan and Sharon Corr, and making sure the contestants look and feel their best before stepping in front of 
the cameras.

Often working 14 hour days, Clementine says she loves everything about her job, from shopping for the contestants’ outfits, to preparing for camera rehearsals and immersing herself in the “electrifying” atmosphere of the RTE studio on show day.

Clementine kindly took time out of her busy schedule to let Tyrone Times readers get a glimpse into a day in her life.

1. Describe a typical Day in the Life of the Chief Stylist with The Voice of Ireland

“The best aspect of the job is that every day is different!

“During the week I shop for the contestants’ outfits’ and on Saturday I am out in the Helix Theatre for the camera rehearsals.

“Sunday is show day and is crazy busy, the buzz around the set is just electrifying. No two days are the same and that’s what makes the job so exciting!”

2. How did you become involved with the show?

“I was assistant stylist for RTE’s “Fame The Musical” and the first series of “The Voice” last year, so I already had a good grasp on how styling in a television 
environment worked.

“I was offered the position of chief stylist this year which was such a great step and progression for me on a personal and career level.”

3. What is your favourite part of the job?

“There is so much I love about the job it’s difficult to pinpoint one particular thing!

“It is always amazing to get to attend launches in shops and get a sneak peak of the clothes before they hit the shop floor.

“More specifically, there is no better feeling than seeing the reactions of the contestants in their outfits. When I see how amazing and confident they feel it makes everything worthwhile!”

4. What is your least favourite part of the job?

“I genuinely don’t dislike any part of the job. The hours can be very long, up to 14 hours some days but it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do, I guess.”

5. Who is the most famous person you’ve worked with during the course of your career?

“Probably Kian Egan and Sharon Corr, often I would discuss their contestants’ outfits with them. I have steamed Olly Murs’ and McFly’s clothes which were both very exciting days haha!!”

6. In your opinion, what are the skills best suited to your job?

“You must be organised, that is key. In general I am not the most organised person but when it comes to my work I turn into this person with OCD!

“It also takes a lot of patience and a calm and collected temperament, because it is so high pressured, and with live television it is vital to keep your cool and a very focused mindset.”

7. What advice would you give to anyone considering embarking on a career like yours?

“The best advice I could give is to get as much experience as you possibly can and make yourself totally indispensable.

“It is a seriously tough industry to break into but if you build up as much experience as possible and work your socks off you will eventually 
get noticed.”

8. Where do you see yourself and your career in the next five years?

“That’s a really tough one. I want to brush up on my French and spend a year in Paris.

“There is nowhere in the world like Paris for fashion and ideally I would love a stint over there styling editorial!

“I hopefully will still be doing TV based work in Ireland, but I would definitely love to delve into the world of editorial. Everyone in fashion dreams of a job in ELLE or Vogue, I am no exception.”

9. If you had the chance to style anyone in the world, who would you choose?

“I get asked this question a lot and for years have had the same answer, Britney Spears without a doubt.

“Time and time again she wears seriously dated and ill fitting clothes, both casually and on the red carpet.

“It is so important to dress for your shape and to know what complements your body, Britney never does and is in need of a serious style overhaul.”

10. Who is the person whose style/fashion sense you aspire to?

“My style is quite minimal and understated so Victoria Beckham is someone I really look to style wise as she captures the ‘less is more’ mantra perfectly.

“Kate Moss is a massive style icon for me. She has pushed boundaries and taken risks in her fashion for years, yet has never got it wrong.

“She always looks so effortlessly amazing and comfortable in her on skin, which in my opinion is at the very core of what makes amazing personal style.”