Samantha needs your vote in global competition

Samantha from Magherafelt displaying her Fair Trade not Free Trade T-shirt.
Samantha from Magherafelt displaying her Fair Trade not Free Trade T-shirt.

ST PIUS X College needs your vote to decide who will win the ECO-UNESCO Camera on Citizenship Global Views photography competition.

ECO-UNESCO’s Camera on Citizenship Global Views is a compilation of images taken by young people from all over Ireland about what it means to them to be active European and global citizens.

They hope their images will inspire young people in Ireland to take action towards sustainable development. The photo exhibition was launched at the Greenhouse last month as part of the ‘Dublin+20’ event which celebrated the work of young people in Ireland surrounding the Rio+20 UN World Summit on Sustainable Development including the publication of the ‘Young Person’s Guide to Rio+20 and the Millennium Development Goals.

The exhibition is open to the public at The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2 (Monday – Friday | 09:30 – 17:00).

Description of photograph by Samantha: “This photograph displays my t-shirt design to promote fair trade in our school during our annual Geography campaign. We are actively encouraged at St Pius X College to design items to promote the annual Fairtrade theme.

“This year for the theme ‘Take a Step’ I chose to design a t-shirt that could be worn and displayed to educate young people on the need to buy Fairtrade products locally. This will help other people in less developed countries and indeed throughout the world to ‘take steps’ to becoming better global citizens.

“I wanted people to think about Fairtrade and the influential role they can play by buying Fairtrade products. When I wear my t-shirt, I feel I am making a difference. The t-shirt raises questions and discussions on what is Fairtrade and helps people better understand the need for looking for the Fairtrade symbol at school, in their local shops and restaurants.”

Voting details: Please vote for Samantha by clicking on the link on the St. Pius X College website Samantha’s entry is Photo 8 – she is the only entrant from Northern Ireland. Please share this link with your friends and family. The closing date of the competition is June 30.