Samaritans play to highlight the impact of suicide

SAMARITANS are to perform a thought-provoking play in Ballyronan to highlight the impact of suicide.

‘This Was Your Life’ is a play exploring the effect of suicide on families and significant others and will be staged across the Northern Trust Area.

Based on the TV show, the play explores the feelings of those left behind after a woman takes her own life. The play is being performed across the Northern Trust area which are free of charge, to coincide with National Suicide Prevention Week, from September 4 leading to World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10; World Mental Health Day, October 10, and International Survivors of Suicide Day, November 19.

Describing the importance of this work, Madeline Heaney, Head of Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement, Northern area, PHA said: “The Public Health Agency has lead responsibility for implementing the Promoting Mental Health and Protect Life suicide prevention strategies in Northern Ireland. We are supporting this play as it explores how family, friends and the doctor have been touched and react to the young woman’s death. Productions like this encourages communities to discuss the issue of suicide which can help those affected by or concerned about suicide to come forward for support.  It will also help to raise awareness of the support available, build resilience and help local people make choices that promote positive mental health.”

Alan Heron from Belfast Samaritans said: “The play is intense and thought provoking and it will also highlight the unique 24-7 service that Samaritans and other key services provide for all our community, including the ability of highly trained volunteers to provide non-judgmental listening in a fully confidential environment to anyone in emotional distress.”

‘This Was Your Life’ will be performed at Ballyronan Marina on Tuesday 13 September at 7.30pm. For further information and to register your attendance contact Denise Doherty, Suicide Prevention Development Worker, on 028 7963 4865.

If you need help or support regarding suicide you can contact The Samaritans on 08457 909090.