Saving seeds in Ballinascreen

Seed Saver Saturday in Ballinascreen.
Seed Saver Saturday in Ballinascreen.

THE Ballinascreen Incredible Edible Network will be running a course on Saturday (Saturday, September 21 from 11am-1pm, at the Polytunnel, Back Road, Draperstown.

Saving seeds is a great way to garden on a budget and improve the variety of plants in your garden.

During this FREE two hour course, the class will look at how to collect seeds/berries without damaging the parent plant and how to tell if seeds are ready to be picked. Tutors will also be showing how to clean seeds/berries properly so they can be stored until planting time in spring.

Hopefully, you will leave with new skills to go and save your own seeds! Seed Saver Saturday will be followed up in October with a community seed swap so even if you only collect and clean one type of seed/berry you will have something to barter with.