Scam warning after victim loses £21,000

Police have urged people to be vigilant following reports of fraud involving scammers purporting to be from computer broadband and search engine providers.

Thursday, 14th June 2018, 3:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 6:07 pm

Officers issued the warning after one victim in the Mid-Ulster area was defrauded out of £21,000.

“The scammers have contacted their intended victims by telephone warning that their online bank accounts had been hacked or there is a problem with their wireless router or broadband speed,” Superintendent Simon Walls explained.

“Typically the victim then gives the scammer remote access to their computer to fix the issue. Once the scammer is in to the computer and personal details are given by the victim, their online bank accounts can be accessed and significant amounts of money lost.

Reports of fraudsters targeting local people via phone and internet are increasing.

“The scammers may also advise their intended victim they are due a financial refund and ask for details of your bank account in relation to this which they will then target.”

Supt Walls urged people to be wary and never to allow cold callers remote access to their computer.