SDLP councillor calls for Magherafelt ‘gateway’ project to be abandoned

Magherafelt council offices
Magherafelt council offices

Two Magherafelt ‘gateway features’ have been given the go ahead from the local District Council following a survey of residents on four estates.

The Killowen feature encompassing a traditional round tower, Celtic cross, Oak trees, and peace dove, and the Glenburn feature depicting wild life, community and sport were approved.

Two others - Beechland and Leckagh - were adjourned to allow residents to come back with revised proposals for their features.

The council had previously adjourned making a decision on the features after concerns were raised about the apparent depiction of a ‘gunman’ on the one proposed for Beechland estate.

Members asked for a questionaire to be delivered to residents on each of the estates asking them for their opinions and the meaning of each feature.

SDLP Councillor Jim Campbell said out of around 500 questionaires delivered only 70 were returned and he argued this reflected the level of apathy among the people living on the estates.

He believed that the project should be abandoned and the money put in to something else.

But Sinn Fein Councillor Brian McGuigan said there was interest and support in Killowen and Glenburn and people there expected the features to go ahead.

He said it was interesting to note that people in Leckagh wanted a change from flags “and that type of thing.”