SDLP Councillors welcome planned work on Ballinderry Bridge

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BALLINDERRY SDLP Councillors Christine McFlynn and Deirdre Mayo have welcomed confirmation that repairs and maintenance work will be carried out on Ballinderry Bridge.

Roads Service have stated that they expect the clearing of vegetation, and some masonry repairs, will be carried out within the next 2 months.

Cllr McFlynn said, “A number of local residents contacted me and my party colleague Cllr Deirdre Mayo to highlight the poor condition of the Ballinderry Bridge. Parts of the bridge have become overgrown with vegetation and in places the bridge itself requires repair work.

“After contacting Roads Service, they have confirmed that work on the bridge has been scheduled to take place within the next two months.

Cllr Mayo added, “The work will include the removal of vegetation and some small masonry repairs.

“This will improve the condition of the bridge and we welcome the confirmation of the planned repairs. We will be in contact with Roads Service to ensure the work is completed as scheduled.”

Cllr McFlynn ended by saying, “It is important that the maintenance of our local bridges and rural roads is kept up to date. We cannot afford to allow our rural road network to fall into a state of disrepair and we will continue to highlight areas in which we believe work needs to be done.”