Seamus Heaney had a ’rock star reputation’ - Billy Connolly

Seamus Heaney.
Seamus Heaney.

SCOTTISH comedian Billy Connolly has been speaking about his role in the series Five Fables.

The animation, produced for BBC Northern Ireland, is based on Seamus Heaney’s translation of stories written by the Scottish poet Robert Henryson.

The late Nobel laureate had finished translating the work of the medieval Scots poet Robert Henryson just before his death in August.

The series is voiced by Connolly and was the last project the South Derry poet worked on before his death in 2013.

“I’d been familiar with his works for years. He had a kind of rock star reputation,” Billy Connolly told the BBC.

The comedian said he was nervous about recording the work as Seamus Heaney was present.

“He’s such a lovely man. He just put me right!” he added.