Seamus Heaney portrait ‘In the attic’ gets a new ‘Home’

Artist Jeffrey Morgan with his painting of Seamus Heaney
Artist Jeffrey Morgan with his painting of Seamus Heaney

A portrait of Seamus Heaney painted by the artist, Jeffrey Morgan, has been given a new home in the literary centre which is to celebrate the life and work of the late poet.

‘In the attic’ which depicts Seamus Heaney seated in his Dublin study, now hangs in Seamus Heaney HomePlace in Bellaghy.

The portrait is on long-term loan from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Its director Noirin McKinney, said: “We are delighted to loan the Heaney portrait to HomePlace. It feels as though the painting has come home.”

Visitors to HomePlace, which is at the heart of the area where Seamus Heaney grew up, will be able to see the portrait when the centre opens on September 30.

Framed in walnut from a 200-year-old tree that fell in the artist’s garden during a storm, Heaney admired the salvaged wood on a visit to Morgan’s home.

Chair of Mid Ulster Council, Trevor Wilson, said: “To have this original artwork on display is a very fitting and welcome addition to the building and its exhibition, and we are both pleased and privileged to be giving the portrait a new home, thanks to the generosity of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the artist, Jeffrey Morgan.”

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