Search resumes for McVeigh body

THE search for the body of Donaghnmore IRA victim Columba McVeigh, one of the so-called Disappeared, has resumed in County Monaghan.

The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR) announced this week that it has resumed search operations in Bragan.

This is the latest in a series of searches for Mr McVeigh, who was kidnapped and killed by the IRA in 1975. His body has never been recovered. The previous search ended in May 2012.

Geoff Knupfer, head of the Commission’s investigation team said they are keen to stress that this is a continuation of the previous operation and not a new piece of work.

“It is based on a refinement of information received to date and also on a series of surveys undertaken by ICLVR staff in recent months in the forested area,” he said.

It is anticipated that this programme will last for approximately ten to twelve weeks subject to weather conditions.

Mother Vera McVeigh who had fought tirelessly for her son’s body to be returned, died five years ago, at the age of 82.

Nine bodies have been recovered in searches to date, but seven of the Disappeared remain missing.

The ICLVR hopes that this latest search may bring them closer to finding the remains of Mr McVeigh and bring comfort and closure to his long suffering family.