Second chance to ‘Relive Clubland’ in Cookstown

Those who missed out on reliving the glory days at Clubland in Cookstown will have another chance to do so.

Thanks to public demand, the club will reopen its doors for one more night for a charity event on May 30.

In April Elaine Simpson ran a night in aid of the Southern Area Hospice Services which attracted the attention of thousands of people who had enjoyed the nightclub over the last thirty years.

However, in the subsequent month she and Clubland’s proprietor Raymond Mulgrew have been inundated with messages from people appealing for the venue to hold another 80s, 90s and 00s disco.

“Everyone who attended the Clubland on April 10 had such a fantastic night reliving their youth while helping to raise money for a much needed charity,” said Elaine who is helping to organise Relive Clubland Part II.

“The crowd were dancing to some of the best disco music plucked from over 30 decades of iconic floor fillers, oblivious to the fact that three generations were sharing both the floor and their love of pure disco fever!

Clubland in Cookstown

Clubland in Cookstown

“People exhausted themselves dancing into the wee small hours, greeting and hugging people from past lives, and wondering what they would do or where they would go in the future to find somewhere to measure up to such a brilliant night.

“It would appear that we have been privileged enough to be able to rewind and do it all over again for just one more night!

“Raymond has decided that due to the amount of requests that he has personally received over the last few weeks, and because of public demand, that another night should be held, specially for those who missed out the first time as well as for those who want nothing more than to do it all over again.

“Raymond wishes to continue to help others and has chosen his charity - Marie Curie UK - to benefit from the event.

“The night will take the same format as before just switched up a bit - a new decade of music has been added and the famous DJ Andrew Gold will be back in the DJ booth blasting out some of the best hits that made Clubland the best place to be any given night of the week.

“This is a night for those who mourned the fact that they never made it back that night and for those who yearned for more. Tell everyone, tag people, get your childminders, taxis and buses booked! Blastoff is at 10.30pm!

“This is a great night and a great cause. For me it will be another opportunity to thank all the people who enjoyed the first night as well as enjoy Part II with a lot of new people who want to say goodbye to Clubland.”

Admission to the event in support of Marie Curie Cancer Charity is £7.