Self taught Draperstown artist opens exhibition at Burnavon

Vincent Kennedy at work in his studio
Vincent Kennedy at work in his studio

An entirely self-taught artist is bringing his uniquely bold form of abstract enamel painting to Cookstown, with an exhibtion at the Burnavon Arts Centre.

Draperstown native Vincent Kennedy’s exhibit, entitled Colour of Expression, will feature a series of large scale canvases that “explode with colour”.

One of Vincent Kennedy's enamel paintings

One of Vincent Kennedy's enamel paintings

The skilled portrait artist, who started out on a quest to satisfy his creative drive and emotional needs in his twenties, turned his skills to abstract expressionism.

Now he works almost exclusively in the medium of liquid enamel paints and rarely uses a brush.

Instead he drips or pours the paint on to the canvas, and uses a squeegee to mould and shape the paints on his large abstract paintings.

According to Vincent, each of his artworks are born from a sense of “complete freedom and high energy, and using bold colours” and are created with “spontaneous but often times subconscious direction”.

He has no fear of making drastic changes while painting the artist said, but instead trusts his instincts and reactions to the image being created.

And he sees each of his paintings as “a voyage of self-discovery.”

Vincent’s exhibition will be on show in the first floor gallery of the Burnavon Arts Centre from Monday February 2 to Sat 28.

Admission is free.